add a wordpress blog to a ReverbNation profile

Social media tools provide a platform for musicians and bands to expand their fan base. Wordpress is a widespread blogging platform, and ReverbNation provides a comprehensive toolset to market musical endeavors. But who has time to duplicate their blog posts to both platforms? You don’t have to! You can set these tools up to synchronize with each other!

This article explains how to add a wordpress blog to a ReverbNation profile.

ReverbNation profiles have a blog tab on them. This blog tab can reflect content from RN’s internal blogging system. Better yet, it can accept an RSS feed from a wordpress blog — such as this one. Here’s how to set up RN to accept an external blog.

  1. Go to the Profile page within which you wish to embedded the blog.
  2. Slightly down the page is a row of approximately ten tabs. Select the one entitled ‘BLOG/BUZZ’.
  3. On the upper right of the BLOG/BUZZ tab is a button entitled ‘Blog Preferences’. Click it!
  4. Select the Blog radio button for Default View.
  5. In the Blog section, select the radio button entitled “I would like to show a blog I maintain on another site.”
  6. In the text box entitled ““, enter the URL of the blog RSS feed*!
  7. Click the ‘Save’ button.
  8. Watch your RN blog populate itself with the source blog’s contents! Cool!

*Bonus section – what is the URL of the RSS feed of the blog in which I am interested?

There are several correct answers to this question. Perhaps an example would help to illustrate. In my case, I just wanted to use the entire blog contents, and I did not care in which specific format it was published. My blog is located at  In this case, the proper feed to be typed into the text box for Blog Preferences was .  Simple, hunh?

To see how it looks, compare this blog with its RN representation at this link.

Note: this post was copied from You’re reading this at Conseqently, these blogs are likely to be out of sync. Compare the RN Profile with this other blog.