Second Life for musicians — the series

Hi All!

I am starting a series on Second Life. Second Life is an interactive 3D world where one interacts with others through a digital representation of their selves. This platform has numerous musicmaking opportunities. Plus, it’s just a whole lot of immersive fun!

In this series, I will cover what Second Life is, and how one gets started in it. I will speak to the market for music inworld, and the potential for making real dollars from such. I will cover the technologies involved in piping your music into the virtual world, and how to acquire and configure software for doing so. I will cover the nature of paying gigs available, and speak of various venues that cater to new musicians. I will also cover the various promotional avenues available to garner an attentive audience.

Join me as we discuss all these issues and more. Together, we’ll embark upon a grand adventure in bringing your music to a new and very sizable audience. Best of all, basic participation is completely free — including all you’ll need to be an SL musician.

If you can’t wait for the next installment in this series, you can dive in right now with a free account — just click below!

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