wordpress, pretty permalinks, and seo

URLs generated by wordpress’ default policy suck, from an SEO point of view. Here’s a better plan, that uses the post title as a URL. Using keyword rich titles thereby improves rankings.

I’m sure this is old news to most. However, I discovered today that the default formal that wordpress uses to generate permalinks (URLs to each post) is almost universally reviled in the blogging community.

Essentially, the default format just appends a ?p=index_number to the directory and calls it good. That works, but gives nothing for search engines to hang onto. The search engines especially like to see keywords in the URL. In order to give something for them to chew on, that simple integer has to go.

Upon some googling, I have arrived at this custom format: /%postname%/ . This will use the slug version of the title as the generated URL. Done.

2 thoughts on “wordpress, pretty permalinks, and seo”

  1. Well, Holly, I am certainly no SEO specialist. I am just hoping to share what I discover as I navigate these waters, in the hopes that other musicians may be able to benefit.

    The technique in this particular post seems awfully elementary. Indeed, once the concept became clear to me, I found a plethora of information online covering this exact topic. However, if I hadn’t went through the trouble of looking at every setting in the WordPress Site Admin panels, and googled for definitions and strategies for each, I never would have known to make the change.

    So far, I have not concentrated a whole lot on SEO. I figure I will get deeper into this topic as time goes forward. One thing, however, that I learned today, is that the search engines apparently are believed to rank a given post title higher, if the keywords are at the front of the title, rather than near the end of it. I have not yet looked into this, but this was suggested by a well-respected (indeed dominant) article marketing site.

    Perhaps we should share our findings moving forward on these matters. It would seem likely that the two of us can uncover more wisdom together rather than independently.

    I’ve not looked for specific SEO plugins for WordPress. Have you checked in the official repository?

    Also, I’d be very interested in hearing how you discovered my little site. I’ve been more focused upon getting started than trying to market it in any meaningful way. I’d appreciate the feedback.

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